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Hi there! I am Pui, you can also call me Ria. I am a passionate entry-level 2D animator.


I have been working full-time on brand identity design and digital marketing while polishing my animation skills since graduating from UTS Animation.

Last Christmas, I created the pilot episode of an animated web series "The Moral Code" with the help of seven international colour artists within three months.


It's available on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/riawandesign/tmcs1e0

I am mostly active on Instagram. I enjoy making meaningful connection with artists from all over the world.


Although I have worked in digital marketing, I believe in socialising with the initiative of supporting the artist community, instead of hacking.


If you are someone who enjoy connecting with fellow artists online and in real life, please send me inMails or Instagram DMs: https://instagram.com/illuswan

I am open to art collaboration and commissions. Please let me know what's brewing in your head and let's grab a cuppa.

Contact through email or the fill in the form below.