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Unlocking the Creative Potential: Migrating AR Art Lens from Meta Instagram to Adobe Aero

Welcome to the first migration journal entry brought to you by art director, Pui 'Ria' Wan!

An animated AR lens in vintage style showing a nervous cat breathing from a paper bag while tapping their right foot.
AR Art Lens - Phew

Hello! My name is Pui 'Ria' Wan. You can call me Pui (a swift sound of 'Pu-we') or Ria (Ree-aa.)I am an art director by day and fun art creator by night.

When I first learned to create AR filter, my goal was to create AR art that can be appreciated easily using one of the most common apps available in the market.

Therefore, I tried creating using Artivive and later on Meta Spark Studio. While Artivive is an intuitive tool for artists who want to focus on the artistic aspect of the technology, Meta Spark Studio is highly customised for both artists and developers.

Although I love that I can distribute AR lens easily on Meta, the user journey has made appreciating my AR art hard because users have to open Instagram and scan the QR codes to use the lens. Even though it is only two steps to have fun with my AR art prints, it creates friction for users to experience a fun and immersive experience.

As I research on other options, I found that Adobe Aero allows users to scan the QR code on the camera app and then open web app to explore the AR art. The journey makes more sense to my users since no app is installed for an art that they purchased.

Kickstarting the project in April 2024, I am looking forward to successfully migrate all lens before the end of this year!

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