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Is Adobe Aero AR Lens Available for Android Users in Australia?

No, it isn’t, and this is how I found out.

I have encountered my first bump on the platform migration journey, and I am sure I cannot do anything on my end. The silver lining is - learning and creating AR lens on Aero is more straight forward and more file size friendly.

Spoiler of the challenge: Android users cannot use the link directed from the QR code to interact with AR lens in Australia since Aero app is not available in the region.

Before knowing what is wrong with the QR code, I was testing with my AR art titled ‘Phew’, and quickly grasped how image tracking and animation trigger work on YouTube.

The rest of the knowledge of successfully setting up the animation was up to me to find out. So far, I have set my animated GIF to the following specs for it to be loaded into the scene successfully:

Dimension: 1024x1024px

Frame count: below 100 frames

File size: below 100mb

This is it! It is more forgiving than Meta Spark, which I understand that optimising the file size is the ultimate goal of Meta. In this sense, it definitely gives up the quality of the animation in terms of resolution, frame rate and number of colour swatches.

I have not given up yet. I am going to learn how to host an AR lens on web app next. Fingers crossed I find a cheap/free solution to code, host and share the AR lens with the world.

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