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Pui 'Ria' Wan

I am Pui, or you can also call me Ria. I am a 2D animator and character designer who was born and raised in Hong Kong.

I joined the production of Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as a 2D Technical Animator in Sydney, Australia from September 2021 to January 2022. It was an amazing six month of studio experience with Flying Bark Productions! (Woohoo!)

As of lately, I became a mid-weight graphic artist with Aquent Studios/Coles. A new career for a new quarter!

At Easter this year,

I published the first episode of "The Moral Code Mini Episodes" on Webtoon.


Based on the pilot animated episode of "the Moral Code" (published on Vimeo at Xmas 2020), the protagonists of the story, Cattuson, Panleton and Mama Chic, carry out city rescue missions to unravel the ugly side of all creatures!

The comic series updates every Monday at 9 am AEST. Join Cattuson, Panleton and Mama Chic on Webtoon weekly!

At Christmas 2020,

I created the pilot episode of an animated web series, "The Moral Code", with the help of seven international colour artists within three months. It's available on Vimeo.

Are you a small business owner/creator looking to create branded designs? Get in touch with Pui "Ria" Wan today at Talk soon! 💖  COMMISSION 🙌 Traditional and digital illustration 🙌 2D Animation (cel and vector animation) 🙌 Character design 🙌 GIFs  COLLABORATION 🤝 Traditional and digital illustration 🤝 2D Animation (cel and vector animation) 🤝 Printmaking (zines, posters, brochure, catalogue, invites) 🤝 Short video (animation, filming, editing) 🤝 GIFs

I enjoy making meaningful connections with artists from all over the world. Many have said that there are ways to hack social media, but I believe in socialising to support the artist community.

I am open to art collaboration and commissions. Please let me know what's brewing in your head, and let's grab an e-cuppa.

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