Pui 'Ria' Wan

Motion & Graphic Designer

Graduated from UTS Animation, Pui focuses on visual storytelling through graphics and motions. She works with small business owners to help realise their visions. She creates animation as a hobby whilst working on commercial projects. Her recent experience with Flying Bark Productions has equipped her with a more thorough understanding of 2D production pipelines, which she believes is a powerful addition to her design workflow. She is currently working as a mid-weight graphic artist at Aquent Studios on the Coles Supermarket account.

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The Moral Code Mini Episodes is now on Webtoon.

Join Cattuson, Panleton and Mama Chic in their city rescue mission to unravel the ugly side of all creatures!


♡Cattuson (she/her): a skull-headed cat who uses potions to counter enemies.


♡Panleton (he/him): a skull-headed panda who uses forces to rip enemies apart.


♡Mama Chic (they/them): a balloon chicken who creates bubbles to protect Cattuson and Panleton, as well as trapping enemies.

Quotes - Typography



Clean Pal - Social posts



Clean Pal - Product photography



Clean Pal - UI Design



vlo - Marketing material



Meraki Creatives Co - Online store UI design



Meraki Creatives Co - Product photography



WYWM - Marketing material



Yulia Social Studio - Instagram stickers



Clearly Clara Comm - Instagram stickers




From stationary, garment, photography to social media materials, Pui customises designs that communicate who your brand is and how your brand contributes to the niche community. Click on the projects to explore.


Environment art, character art, seamless patterns, art studies and sketches... everything about Pui and her creative world. Click to enlarge the artwork for more details.

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Zine Spooktacular - 10 October 2022 - 11am-4pm

18 Sydney St, Marrickville, NSW 2204, Australia

Mardi Queer in July - 20 July 2022 - 5-9pm

Goodspace Gallery, 115-119 Regent St, Chippendale, NSW 2008, Australia (Above The Lord Gladstone Hotel)

Sydzu Zine Fair - 16 July 2022 - 11am-3.30pm

Petersham Townhall, 107 Crystal St, Petersham, NSW 2049, Australia

Bad Art Show - 29-30 April 2022 - 5-9pm

Monster Mouse Studio, 9 Gerald St, Marrickville, NSW 2204, Australia

Events 2022

Stay in the loop with Pui's latest exhibition and zine fair tabling.


Pui started as a motion graphic designer for start-ups, then eventually worked with SMEs who are looking to upgrade the look and feel of their brands and marketing campaigns. As of lately, Pui is working closely with one of the biggest Australian corporates, Coles Supermarkets on their supplier advertisements, Business-As-Usual (BAU) animation and campaign animations.


*Dory from 'Finding Dory'*

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Handmade Eye Candy Mini Zine (+ Handmade Tattoo Stickers) - Cover

Handmade Eye Candy Mini Zine (+ Handmade Tattoo Stickers) - Inside

Handmade Still Life Illustration Zine - Cover

Handmade Still Life Illustration Zine - Inside

Trick or Treat, Australia! Zine - Cover

Black Cats (aren't just for 31/10) Zine - Cover

Ghosts in Cantonese Slang 1 & 2 Zine - Cover

Dear to Ria

Ria shares her life through zine making. Read for free and purchase to support her on Ko-fi Shop.